How’s the Job Search Going? LOL

Finding it hard to get a job?

Yeah it’s tough out there but stop whining and use the time you have been afforded, willingly or not, as an opportunity to increase your job skills, meet new people and broaden your world. Either the glass is half full or half empty. View it as half full and aspire to it being full. Stay positive and take advantage of all the unemployment benefits you can to learn new skills which in turn will have you meeting new people and providing a network which will aid with the job search. It’s a tough time, but you’re not in it alone. There are many who are in need of work so understand it may take time and perseverance, but realize too that it is only one job that you need and it will come. In the meantime, continue your search but take time for yourself and, as they say, “smell the roses.” Keeping a healthy mindset

The old adage, “Quality not quantity”-well apply it here. Don’t feel you have to be job searching every minute of the day. Your mental and physical health is most important so start or maintain a regimen that will foster these benefits to your overall health and ultimately your job search. If not a member of a gym and possible by all means join one. It may be an expense but will certainly pay off in many ways, one being your mental health and getting your endorphins going. And socialize, you don’t have to be alone. If joining a gym isn’t a possibility get a regular routine going – take a brisk walk every morning, take your dog for a walk to the local dog park, get a few dvds from the library on yoga and meditation, keep active and don’t allow yourself time to brood and feel sorry for yourself. Count your blessings and see all that you have, not what you don’t, and appreciate it. The power of networking

The best way to get a job today is to network. Those crafty cover letters with your resume attached are most likely going into cyberspace. There are just too many responding to jobs that makes networking a must.

LinkedIn is a professional networking site that allows you to network with your past co-workers or to people you have met and feel could be instrumental in your job search. The added benefit is they too have contacts which broadens your network. They can then pass on your information or you can search out relevant jobs and make a contact yourself through LinkedIn.

Meetup is a great site for meeting people with similar interests, job searching or just discussing the latest books. Get out there and socialize-meet new people and at the same time broaden your network. Whether they can help you find a job or not it will benefit you in other ways. You’re not alone, there are many out there who have similar concerns or interests, learn to share them.

Let it be known that you’re in need of a job, spend time with your search and contacts, but enjoy yourself and this opportunity for meeting new people, updating your skills and having fun along the way.

You WILL get a job. Mom will be happy.

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