Deeper Meaning of Blue – The Colour of Concentration

If we glance around us in the city, we will see every form of distraction from vehicles, architecture, advertising, vegetation and of course people of such diversity. Every second something is moving and changing. There is so much visual noise going on. Then, on a sunny day, if we lift our gaze above all this up to the sky, we will see an empty, endless space. The sky is blue. This clear blue space is an invitation to empty our busy minds, to become single-minded and concentrated.

Blue, like the sky on a sunny day, is calm and serene. Blue is the embodiment of peace, balance, awareness and concentration. It relaxes the body but activates the mind in a focused which enables concentration, deep thought and insight. Blue does actually induce concentration and is an ideal colour for offices or studies.

Just as the colour blue evokes serenity, so too does the mental act of focus and concentration. Concentration prevents you from getting nervous. In fact, if you remain concentrated on whatever you are doing, totally in the moment, you will come out of the task feeling fulfilled and tranquil. It´s multitasking, lack of focus over a longer period, that keeps the mind in a busy, irritable state and makes you feel burned out and exhausted. Without this focused concentration it will be difficult to achieve success in whatever you do.

Concentration creates mental strength which makes it possible to fuse your willpower with your intentions and achieve what you set out to do. Yet few are able to stay concentrated for even a few minutes, let alone a few hours.

It requires conscious effort and practice. Sports of all types, yoga, tai-chi and meditation are excellent for developing the ability to concentrate. Learning texts by heart is another way to improve your mental concentration. You can practice focused attention when you are doing manual tasks, such as cleaning or cooking. Distractions will occur, thoughts continually want to bring your attention to other matters. Just let go of them and bring your mind back to the matter at hand. If you have difficulty in concentrating, make these sessions short to begin with and then slowly build them up, so that this state of mind eventually becomes a habit. You will come out of these tasks, however banal or ingenious, with a greater sense of yourself.

Don´t forget to gaze up at that beautiful sky, with its radiant blue, and let it remind you that this superb tranquility also lies within you, once you learn the art of concentration.

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